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philae temple
Jul . 28 . 2020 Philae Temple

Egyptian mythology had a vast complex of gods more than any civilization in the ancient world. Egypt got hundreds of gods that used to be worshiped; one of the most important ones is the Egyptian goddess Isis. Her Egyptian name is Aset or Eset, and her name in the Greek form of an ancient Egyptian... [Read More]

khan el khalili
Jul . 27 . 2020 Khan El-Khalili

Khan El-Khalili is an open market, or as we call in Egypt “Souq,” it started as being storage for merchants in the 14th century, then it became the center of foreign trades in the late 15th century during the Mamluk era.

Jul . 23 . 2020 Saqqara

When it comes to Egypt, the oldest of everything is here, as many said: “Egypt came first, then history was written.” And this is vividly obvious in this unique location, Saqqara, Egypt. It’s a vast necropolis where so many Kings were buried, and also some high ranking responsible and... [Read More]

hatshepsut luxor city
Jul . 22 . 2020 Hatshepsut

Deir El Bahri, the place that is famous for the temple of Queen Hatshepsut that lays at its cliff, but not a lot knows that it is part of the Theban Necropolis. It has several mortuary temples and tombs; it is located on the west bank opposite Luxor City. It actually means in Arabic, the Northern... [Read More]

st catherine
Jul . 20 . 2020 St. Catherine

In the middle of Sinai Peninsula, rises a sacred mountain, 1,586 m high (about 5,203 ft) heading to the deep sky pointing to God. It’s where God talked to Moses while people of Israel were leaving Egypt, and gave him the Ten Commandments as written in Exodus. That’s why it’s an... [Read More]